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We offer a full range of outsourcing services - maintenance of hardware infrastructure, application development and support management of all additional IT systems.

We guarantee the highest quality of provided services which reduce company's IT related operation costs. Outsourcing IT services to Atmosphere can relive you from necessity of having expensive IT department in company's structure. With the confidence in reliability of your IT systems backed up by a constant infrastructure monitoring your company can flourish by focusing solely on business functions.

General services

General services

We help our clients to define and improve project requirements whether they are considering new IT systems or when they are choosing established IT solutions. We are involved in every phase of the implementation project starting from requirements analysis, creation of project's goals and ending on choosed developing particular solution. Based on our experience we can offer following services:

  • development and implementation of dedicated IT solutions at the client's site,
  • integration of created applications with client's systems,
  • analysis of client's existing IT resources and preparation of solution in accordance to defined project's scope,
  • analysis of existing system architecture in order to streamline client's internal business procedures.
Large scale projects

Every project undertaken by Atmosphere goes through specific phases, that are necessary to achieve desired goals:

  • client's IT needs analysis - choosing adequate modern IT solutions targeted to solve specific business problems,
  • pre-implementation analysis - detailed research is conducted on client's currently used IT technology and on expected solution achieved after project completion. Client is presented a report containing detailed instructions producing planned results,
  • ongoing consulting service guiding client though every implementation phase,
  • selecting project managers to ensure meeting the project's milestones.
The next phase is implementation process which consists of:
  • installation services - building a required infrastructure, installing server's operating system, database and software applications developed by Atmosphere,
  • configuration services - configuring project's hardware and software layer in accordance with defined project's goals,
  • staff training focused on teaching effective usage of implemented IT solutions, which leads to rapid increase of business performance.
Final phase is focused on providing post-implementation support:
  • technical support for created applications,
  • software updates to newest components versions.
Small scale projects

In case of smaller projects implementation process in simplified. The study of client's needs in relation to currently utilised technology is covered by consulting the client in terms of desired system configuration, filling necessary analysis forms and selecting management positions responsible for running the project under expected time frame.

Implementation services and staff trainings are undertaken in short periods of time, often they are completed in the same time. Final stages of implementation project, like technical support and software updates, are mostly unchanged and depend on the scale of particular project.